Panorama Kuantan

Often we only look on the surface of things; not often do we see what goes on underground. As we explored this tin mining town of Sungai (river) Lembing (spear), we exactly went beneath the surface of the town and saw its origin and culture right before our very eyes.

Cycling To Tasik Bera

Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia after Sarawak and Sabah, making it the largest in Peninsular Malaysia. While cycling lengths did not come unexpected, the breadth of nature and depth of culture and history did not disappoint.

Cycling Extreme Kuantan

As cycling adventurers in constant search for nature’s treasures, we hit the roads of Kuantan, the state capital of the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia—Pahang. Pedaling through the fast-growing scenarios of its urban heart, we reached places where urbanity meets the natural world.

Taman Negara Cycling Package

Forget about skyscrapers. Leave the concrete jungle for the 130 million years old virgin forest that sits at the center of Peninsular Malaysia. Taman Negara’s monstrously green world welcomes any wild adventurer to its 4,343km2 (434,300 hectares) of flora and fauna.


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