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Scenery Ride Perlis

Further south of Perlis are rustic scenes that put on show the state’s strong and vibrant civilization in this day and age. We began nature tripping after having a local hearty lunch. Feeling more recharged than ever, we hopped on our saddles and headed to the small fishing town of Kuala Perlis.

Cycling Nature Ride

The morning sky was surrounding us in a distant haze. The sun and morning haze had started to churn and mix together. There were no words to completely describe what this weather was like for us. The cloudy weather, unceasing drizzles made us catch our breaths.

Gunung Keriang Classic Ride

From a bustling to a quiet city, we found an adventure waiting to happen. The 11km ride started at the paddy museum. The classic bicycles were all lined up, rusty with a “tick” sound every pedal, giving off that strong nostalgia and welcoming us to the old era.


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